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Logo Two Lakes ImmobilienOur credo

Personal relationships are paramount,
even in a digital world!

Electronic communication takes up a great deal of room in everyday dealings with one another.
Therefore, personal relationships are still of timeless fundamental value for our business. It still holds the greatest potential.

An entire pool of contacts

The real estate industry is opaque …
… and the processes need to be much improved compared to other industries.

In the real estate industry, especially in the D-A-CH region, information on transactions is hardly accessible. Therefore, personal relationships are crucial to achieving a profitable business.
Against this background, we have been expanding our personal relationships for many years in the real estate industry, which has been very time-consuming.

One contact alone is valuable,
but why not access an entire pool?

TwoLakes has an international network focused on the real estate market.

It consists of

  • project developers,
  • portfolio holders,
  • banks,
  • family offices,
  • asset managers,
  • lawyers,
  • project controllers
  • and private and institutional investors.

Our focus is on Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as Canada (Toronto, Ontario) and Portugal.

Sustainable value

Creating sustainable value is the key to lasting success.

A keen sense
for profitable processes.

TwoLakes brings a keen sense and know-how for global and local market developments and can provide profitable processes for investors and owners.

In marketing, our thinking goes beyond the usual categories and ultimately, it serves the sole purpose of successfully completing your project. Our skills include examining and structuring the entire value chain.

Expertise from experience

Our partners, our experts

Logo Two Lakes ImmobilienMarco Ilsche | Partner & Managing Director – Expert in Business Development

As a founding partner and managing director of TwoLakes, Marco Ilsche's focus is on business development. He has a good perception for future developments and trends. After completing his technical/commercial training, he worked in sales of capital assets. Equipment leasing led him into the real estate and investment industry, where he has been active for more than 20 years. As a result, he had several, long-standing mandates from well-known fund management companies, real estate companies and banks from the D-A-CH region in order to develop and expand their products and sales/marketing.
He is also involved in various blockchain technology solutions in the real estate industry.

Logo Two Lakes ImmobilienChristoph Hertwig | Partner – Expert in Complexity

Christoph Hertwig is a partner of TwoLakes and has been involved since 2014. His focus is on the structuring and valuation of real estate and projects, as well as their complete execution. His early involvement in the family-owned production company gives him a broad knowledge of corporate governance, project work and structuring of complex processes. He has been working in the real estate industry for 20 years now. He was initially a consultant to well-known entrepreneurial families, who had sound advice on their real estate portfolios in terms of management, structure and succession planning. This resulted in an extensive network in these circles. Christoph Hertwig studied business administration at the University of Munich and Bayreuth and earned his Ph.D. in economics.

Logo Two Lakes ImmobilienFlorian Haffa | Associated Partner – Real Estate Branding Expert

Florian Haffa offers expertise from 30 years of experience in the licensing business and the management of world-famous brands such as Formula 1, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Oktoberfest. As the founder of Brands Lab International LLC, with offices in Miami, Birmingham, Munich and Lisbon, he acts globally as an intermediary between global brands and reputed real estate developers.

Alexander Sennecke | Partner & Managing Director – Expert in Law

Alexander Sennecke's focus has been on representing German-speaking business customers with trading partners in Canada for more than 20 years. He is a certified Canadian lawyer and his work includes providing legal advice to subsidiaries in a variety of industries, as well as high-equity investors on all aspects of their investments, including immigration and offshore trusts. He acts as senior director for investment communities, asset and property managers, general contractors and project developers.


global & local

Think globally
and act locally.

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